24 channel data acquisition module for dynamic signals with 30 kHz bandwidth


Measurement system for sound, vibration, comparison and filtering


Visualization, simulation and evaluation of sound

Sound velocity measurement

SoundFlow Sensor

Sound velocity measurements using the sound velocity SoundFlow probe. For direct measurements of sound pressure and sound velocity. 

Sound source localization


Sound source localization in near field or far field using siTracer, siCamera or siSourceView. The applications range from source localization and analysis with running trains to the search of sound sources on the surface of small devices. The sources are not only located but measured in level and spectra. 

Noise test in production


100% test in production for vibration or sound. Elaborated system for the detection of modulations and tonal components even in environments with production noise. Complex criteria are realized in simple forms for the operator. 


See what you hear …

We build systems for the whole range of acoustic and vibration measurements to be used in all areas from development to production quality control. Due to our long time experience the systems are easy to handle and provide unsurpassed flexibility to our users.   

Software and hardware comes from one source and they are exactly tuned to the needs of the  users. This begins with the extremely compact and highest precision data acquisition and culminates in the fastest and most flexible software system at all.   

You will find innovative and unique tools as well as all the standard techniques in our portfolio like the acoustic camera siTracer, the tool for sound design siVision or special rotation selective analysis techniques.