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Measurement and analysis of sound and vibration

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Products - Overview

Systems for measuring sound and vibration

Brochures on the products are available as downloads under the individual product descriptions – and on request by mail as well.




Integrated analysis, filtering and noise rating. siVision optically displays what the ear perceives and makes it possible to filter disturbance and background separately. Psychoacoustic findings are implemented here in a user-friendly way.

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Sound Intensity Camerahighly dynamic sound intensity array

Optical/acoustic recording of sound intensity film camera for sound intensity distribution with a probe array (sound intensity camera). siCamera allows you to directly observe and film the flow of sound through a surface.

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Acoustic Camera innovative sound source mapping

siTracer works with the new Sound-Identification-Algorithm (SIA) that reaches full 20 dB dynamic range with only 24 microphones, and with considerably reduced unsharpness. Standard cameras require more (60) microphones for displaying a dynamic range of 8-13 dB. siTracer is the new technique for precise sound source localization.


Sound intensity measurement

Measurement of the sound intensity with the classic p-p probe and the new p-u probe. Sound power determination according to DIN/ISO standards with 3D scanning and visualization of the sound intensity distribution.


Sound power measurement

Measurement of the sound power according to DIN/ISO standards using sound pressure. Ideal for long-term measurement of electronic devices. With real-time recording.


Sound Pressure- and Sound Velocity Sensor – the robust solution for near field measurements

The new SoundFlow Sensor from Soundtec is the ideal solution for determining sound power or sound emission in the near field. It can also be applied when no special testing room is available. The usage of proven technology makes the SoundFlow Sensor sturdy, versatile and good value for money.


Standardized analyses with modular expansion options

Over 200 common, easy-to-use analysis functions for sound and vibration. Clearly arranged work in three integrated interfaces: measurement, analysis, and documentation. Additional extensions: x-Mod, x-Ear, x-Power, x-Rot and x-Order.


Architectural acoustics

Measuring system for determining the sound insulation for airborne and impact sound according to DIN/ISO 140. Analysis and reporting are integrated in a single interface.


Production monitoring and quality assurance

Monitors the quality of your products through acoustic and vibration measurement. The detection rates attain and surpass the level of trained staff in the assembly shop, without the fluctuations and drift in criteria that a subjective evaluation always entails.


Pass-by measurement

Pass-by measurement system according to ISO 362 with numerous analysis options such as high-resolution order analysis, tire rolling noise measurement and noise source separation.


Tool for recording sound and vibration

Convenient interface for various data recording front ends, such as siHighspeed, LivePad, ZODIAC DATA SYSTEMS GMBH Datarec-4 modules, Sinus Harmonie, Standard-Audio etc. Sensor calibration, channel configuration, online analysis options and much more.


From 1 to over 1000 channels: Portable measuring technology from a single source

The requirements for a portable measuring system for sound and vibration signals can vary considerably. For this reason, Akustik Technologie Göttingen works together with several hardware partners in order to always provide you with the right portable measuring system: Besides special Solutions for 1-4 channels we offer the new Voyager Family beginning with Voyager 6 for 6 channels.

si++Expert Sytem

Over 200 analysis tools in a flexible, modular system. All analysis functions can be individually combined and linked according to the work to be done. These links are saved as separate "analysis programs". The modular system makes individual, complex analyses available at the press of a button. A list of the more than 200 analysis tools is available as a download.


Sound level meter

Software for measuring the sound level with a digital microphone on a laptop. Dynamic range 20 to 140 dB without range switching. Also integrated in siEvent as a module; see below.


Continuous monitoring to record events

Measuring system in a portable case for recording and analyzing acoustic events. Recording triggered by a complainant or various trigger settings. The desired sound measurement quantities can be autonomously registered over several weeks. Analysis in the sound editor with monitoring option, marking of ranges and tabular analysis of marked ranges. Suitable for all application areas from workplace noise to industrial noise.


Tool for automatic reporting

Editor for precisely configured forms used to create DIN measurement reports. All analyses from si++Workbench and other products can be displayed and saved in the created forms.